Special Event Permit

Special Event Permit

The City of Park Ridge has adopted a Special Events Policy in order to provide uniform guidelines for event organizers, producers, promoters and sponsors.

The City recognizes that Special Events involve acts that are different from daily business routine.  Therefore, there is a need to ensure such events are compatible with the surrounding property uses. Factors to be considered in issuing a Special Event Permit include, but are not limited to, pedestrian safety, increased traffic, parking, and noise.

Applications are considered in the order in which they are received. No applications or date saving for Special Events will be allowed or accepted prior to January 1 for the following year. The City will only accept applications that are completed in full. 

The application fee for a Special Event Permit Fee is $50 per day. Additional fees relating to use of City services including Police, Fire or other City employee assistance, signs, electric, tents, stages or other structures, may be applicable.

All applications for Special Event Permits require administrative review and must be submitted 30 days in advance of the event. If the event request involves the use of a public right of way, the application must be submitted at least 60 days in advance. If more than 1,000 persons will be attending your event at one given time, the state requires to have an Emergency Medical Services Plan for its review which can take up to 60 days to receive approval.

Special Event Policy

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