Halloween 2021

Halloween 2021

Trick-or-Treat hours are 3:00 - 7:00pm on Sunday, October 31.  

The City understands not everyone may feel comfortable with trick-or-treating this year.  We have designed green and red signs for residents to place in their windows or visible areas for trick-or-treaters to identify whether you are welcoming them or not.   Trick-or-treaters are asked to please take note of the green and red signs posted throughout the City.  Please be respectful of others and their decision to participate / not participate in trick-or-treating this year.  

The Illinois Department of Public Health has issued updated guidance to help people celebrate more safely as we continue to battle COVID-19.  Trick-or-treating outdoors in small groups is best, but if outdoors is not an option, there are steps people can take to make indoor trick-or-treating safer.  Those handing out tricks or treats indoors should open doors and windows as much as possible to promote increased ventilation and wear a mask.  It is also important for everyone handing out or receiving treats to wash their hands.

Review the complete guidelines from the Illinois Department of Public Health here.  

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