O'Hare Airport Commission

O'Hare Airport Commission

Airport Issues

Consists of seven citizen members whose objective will be to provide a forum for public discussion and serve as an advocate for reasonable sound and environmental levels associated with flights flying to and from O'Hare Airport over Park Ridge.  The Commission shall conduct research; educate the public; and advocate for improvements.  Meets the third Wednesday of every other month at 7:00 pm. 

Members Term Expiration 
Lynora Dobry 06/30/2023
Ernst R. Kosower 06/30/2025
Kristine Martens - Ackeret 06/30/2024
Zach Olmen 06/30/2025
Robert Palmer  06/30/2025
Gregg Weiss 06/30/2023
Iain Duncan Wright 06/30/2023

John Moran, City Council Liaison 
Brigid Madden, Staff Liaison 

OAC Resident Guide