Historic Park Ridge

Historic Park Ridge

Park Ridge traces its history as far back as the Pottawotamie Indians, who lived in this area that provided fertile land and rich natural resources. The area was a convenient portage between the Des Plaines and Chicago rivers for the French explorers and in the early 1830s our first settlers arrived from New England and New York. The settlement previously named Pennyville and then Brickton was incorporated as the village of Park Ridge in 1873.

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List of Landmarks and 100-Year Old Homes

Historic Preservation Commission
The Commission’s mission is to make recommendations to the City Council for the designation of historic landmarks and historic districts within the City.

Certificate of Appropriateness
100-Year Old Home
Douglas War Home

For more details, go to www.parkridge.usIf you have any questions please contact Richard Peters, City of Park Ridge Planner, 847-318-5203, or rpeters@parkridge.us