Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals

Comprised of a seven-member board, whom are appointed for overlapping terms of five years, the responsibilities of the Board includes hearing requests for variations and interpretations to the Zoning Ordinance. The ZBA has authority to approve certain variances in cases of hardship (authorized variance), while others must be approved by the City Council, after the ZBA has made a recommendation (unauthorized variance). The Board meets on the fourth Thursday of the month except for March (where it is the third Thursday) and December (no meeting). 

2023 Schedule

2024 Schedule

Members  Term Expiration 
Christopher Ackeret  12/31/2023
Garrick Bunting 12/31/2025
Missy Langan 12/31/2024
Rebecca Leslie 12/31/2025
Steven Schilling 12/31/2024
Frank Serio 12/31/2025
Emily Vlasich 12/31/2026

Rick Biagi, City Council Liaison 
Richard Peters, Staff Liaison