Business Districts

Business Districts

Business District Banner - South Park During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Park Ridge created a process for restaurants to apply for outdoor dining permits on the public right-of-way. The fees associated with these outdoor dining permits, which amount to approximately $25,000 annually, are allocated to support Park Ridge’s retail and service businesses. 

In 2023, a study was conducted to define how to support all of Park Ridge’s business districts most effectively on an ongoing basis. Focus groups were conducted with elected officials, representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, retail shops, salons, restaurants, professional services, realtors, and wellness studios.  What we heard is that businesses are looking for marketing and event support as well as improvements to public spaces.   A variety of long-term and short-term initiatives have been crafted and are included in the report below. 

Business District Marketing plan 

Executive Summary
District Identities While Park Ridge's neighborhood are defined by the boundaries of major roadways, its business districts happen at the intersections of these neighborhoods and roadways. By creating standard names around the neighborhoods and business districts, unique identities begin to form and further solidify over time. The map below outlines Park Ridge's three core business districts and its relationship to surrounding neighborhoods.