Northwest Hwy signs

Park Ridge has three main categories for signs: Permanent, Exempt, and Temporary. Permanent signs are generally used to identify a business, such as a Wall, Pole, or Monument sign. Temporary signs are those which, by their nature, are used for a short period of time. Construction, For Rent/For Sale, and Window Display are a few such examples. Finally, Exempt signs are those which do not require a permit or review by the City as long as they follow certain restrictions. Some examples are Flags, Directory, or Warning signs. 

Signs are regulated in Section 14 of the Zoning Ordinance. Limitations on their size and location depend not only on the type of sign, but also the Zoning District it is in.

For more information on Zoning Districts and how to determine the district for an address use the following link: Community Portal search tool

The standard turn around for a building permit review is two weeks. Often sign permits can be reviewed within a week. If the requested permit is denied you will receive an email with comments from staff. Once you have addressed all comments, please submit revised plans and include a letter responding to each comment. Final inspections are required after the work has been completed. You may schedule inspections with our department by calling (847) 318-5291.