Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing

As the winter season approaches, Public Works is already preparing its equipment to meet the upcoming challenges in regard to ice, snow and other precipitation.

As in years past, staff will undergo mandatory equipment and program training in an effort to meet, and work to surpass, expectations. The challenges of winter maintenance are a balancing act between the weather and road conditions, staffing levels, functionality of equipment, traffic, and the many other emergency activities completed by the Public Works. Some of these are completed simultaneously during a snow event.

A Snow Response Plan can be found here.

Residents may call 847-318-6101 for a recorded message as to whether snow parking restrictions are in effect.

The following are frequently asked questions and answers during the winter maintenance season.

What is the contact telephone number for Public Works if I have a question or a concern?

What should I do if it is my garbage day and plows are out clearing snow?

Why is snow pushed into my driveway by the plows?

Am I permitted to shovel or snow blow my driveway into the street?

When should I move my car off the street?

What should I do if a plow damages my parkway?

Why won't the City plow my sidewalk or my driveway?

Why did the plow back up in my driveway?

Is Public Works responsible for winter maintenance on every road in Park Ridge?