Fire Prevention Bureau

Fire Prevention Bureau

The Park Ridge Fire Prevention Bureau works to prevent the loss of life and property from fire and explosion. The bureau conducts regular fire and life safety inspections of existing commercial, institutional, and multifamily residential buildings to check for fire and life safety hazards and to ensure compliance with the fire code and accepted safety standards. The bureau reviews plans for new buildings, businesses, and additions and conducts site inspections to ensure new buildings and additions are built in conformance with fire codes and standards. The Fire Prevention Bureau also oversees the fire department's public education programs.

The Fire Prevention Bureau will conduct inspections of private residences upon request. These inspections are voluntary and homeowners can accept or ignore the recommendations made by the inspector.

Since March of 2001, the City of Park Ridge has required all new construction, including single-family homes, to have fire sprinklers. Park Ridge was the seventh community in Illinois to require residential sprinklers in new construction homes. Additionally, some residential additions and/or renovation projects may need to have fire sprinklers based on the size and scope of the project.  Residential fire sprinklers are a relatively new technology, and many new homebuyers and homebuilders may not be familiar with these systems. Bureau personnel will conduct site visits, and answer contractor questions, and meet with new homeowners to explain the operation of the sprinklers. There are also sprinkler requirements for certain additions and new businesses, and all prospective homeowners, buyers, builders, and concerned citizens should contact the Fire Prevention Bureau before making any plans regarding building and development.

The Fire Prevention Bureau coordinates the department's many public education programs, including the fire education program, fire extinguisher training, and other community programs. For information on the various public education programs, call the information hotline at 847-318-5259.

The Fire Prevention Bureau operates out of Fire Station 35, located at 901 W Devon Avenue. To contact the bureau, please call 847-318-5286, or e-mail the Fire Prevention Bureau.