Construction Projects

Construction Projects

Sidewalk Replacement Programs

Sidewalk squares that are determined to be hazardous must be replaced. City staff evaluates sidewalk conditions throughout town annually and identifies sidewalks for replacement based on criteria in Council Policy Statement 26. If residents see a square that meets the criteria, please call (847) 318-5227 and staff will inspect. 

Street Rehabilitation Program
Each year the City rates the condition of our streets and selects approximately 4 miles of road for improvements. Improvements include the removal and replacement of existing surfaces and the removal and replacement of curbs and gutters.

Sewer Lining Program
The City lines approximately one mile of sewer each year. The contractor places a thin coat of a strong poly-vinyl type material along the inside of the sewer. This adds many years of life to the sewer and avoids having to replace sections of sewer pipe.
Alley Grading
The City grades alleys at least twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Grading of unpaved alleys includes the filling of holes and correction of minor drainage problems to facilitate access to garages and accommodate service vehicles. Very little (if any) stone is added because the elevation of most alleys is already too high above the adjacent yards and garages.

Alley Repair
The City determines portions of an existing paved alley in need of repair.  Each year these deteriorated sections are removed and replaced, usually in 10–20-foot sections.  

Watermain Replacement
The City replaces 1-2 blocks of water main each year.  Watermains identified for replacement usually have experienced multiple breaks or are undersized.  This project includes new water main and water valves, and new services up to and including a new shut-off. 

Current Projects