Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping to resume - SPRING 2023

Please remember that raking leaves into the street is not permitted in Park Ridge. A violation carries a minimum fine of $50. Leaves should be placed in approved paper yard waste bags or carts and placed out for pickup on the scheduled refuse collection day. 

City streets are swept on a rotating basis. No sweeping is done when the temperature drops below freezing or when it is raining.

Depending on weather conditions, the areas currently scheduled for street sweeping are highlighted below:

Area 1- Church to Manor, Potter to Greenwood
Area 2- Dempster to Busse Hwy, Lundergan to Dee Rd /Potter
Area 3 - Manor to Oakton, Dee Rd to Cumberland 
Area 4 - Oakton to Cherry, Riverside to Dee Rd 
Area 5- Oakton to Busse Hwy, Dee Rd to Greenwood
Area 6- Oakton to Sibley, Greenwood to Oriole

Area 7-  Sibley to Summit, Greenwood to East Ave
Area 8- Busse Hwy to Touhy, Dee Rd to Busse Hwy
Area 9- Touhy to Bell Plaine, Dee Rd to Greenwood
Area 10- Touhy to Belle Plaine, Greenwood to Summit
Area 11-  Belle Plaine to Talcott, Cumberland to Canfield  
Area 12- Belle Plaine to Devon, Dee Rd to Cumberland   

Area 13- Devon to Peterson, Western to Cumberland
Area 14- Talcott to Higgins, Cumberland to Canfield

Street Sweeping Map