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Public Works

The Public Works Department provides services including traffic control, street lighting, snow removal, public ways maintenance, sewer and storm drainage, water supply and distribution, and solid waste collection and disposal. Public Works is responsible for equipment and maintenance and all engineering services, including the preparation of construction plans and on-site supervision of all public construction projects. Public Works is also responsible for forestry and grounds maintenance.


Grounds Maintenance Supervisor:  847-318-5316

The Grounds Maintenance Division provides for the neat and attractively landscaped properties owned by the City. This includes providing general cleanup, landscape maintenance, rose bed care, and flower bed planting and maintenance. City maintained areas cover 35.7 acres in 56 locations, including the Uptown business district, the Park Ridge Public Library, City Hall, the South Park business district, the reservoir, the South Park pump station and railroad right-of-ways.


The Sewer Division is located at 400 Busse Highway. Hours are 7 am - 3 pm, Monday - Friday.
Sewer Supervisor: 847-318-5326
After hours emergency contact: 847-318-5252

The Sewer Department repairs and maintains main sewers, flushes and root cuts main sewers on a routine basis, cleans inlets yearly, cleans catch basins every four years, repairs and replaces inlets and catches, and maintains main sewer manholes.

The City is responsible for the main sewers only. The sewer from the house up to and including the connections on to the main sewer is the homeowner's responsibility.


The Street Maintenance Division is located at 400 Busse Highway. Hours are 7 am - 3 pm, Monday – Friday.
Street Maintenance Supervisor:  847-318-5317

The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for street patching and paving, alley grading, crack filling, pothole patching, street sweeping, snow plowing and salting, repair of snow plow damage, sign maintenance, upkeep of parking meters, repair of some traffic lights, and maintenance of gas lights.


The Vehicle Maintenance Division is located at 400 Busse Highway. Hours are 7 am - 3 pm, Monday – Friday.
Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor:  847-318-5243

The Vehicle Maintenance Division repairs and maintains all of the City's vehicles and equipment.


The Water Division is located at 400 Busse Highway. Hours are 7 am - 3 pm, Monday – Friday.
Water Supervisor: 847-318-5326
After hours emergency: 847-318-5252

The Water Department repairs water main breaks, handles service leaks, locates buffalo boxes, conducts water service tap inspections, and detects leaks on City water mains and services. The department also provides water meters for new houses, manages the 20-year meter change program, tests water meters, including 2" lines or larger, assists residents in the detection of leaks and responds to high bill complaints.

The Water Department also installs, repairs, and paints fire hydrants. If there is a water leak on the homeowner's side of the water service, the homeowner is responsible for repairs from the buffalo box to the inside of the house, including the valve. The City is responsible for a leak from the buffalo box to the water main and the water meter itself. If there is a leak, the City will advise you what to do.

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Water Bill Questions? Call 847-318-5223



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