Name that Plow!

Name that Plow!

City Announces "Name That Plow" Contest! 

The flurry of submissions has been narrowed to 30 finalists.  The top 14 names will be assigned to a snow plow for the 2023 - 2024 winter season.  Voting will close on Tuesday, November 14.   

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The city has 14 large snow-fighting trucks.  These trucks drive together in groups of two or three during a snowstorm.  Each truck has a 10’ wide plow!  They plow  snow and salt the streets at the same time.  The city also has 10 smaller snowplow trucks which are more likely seen on residential streets. 

1600 tons of salt are stored in the city's two  storage areas: a dome near the Oakton Ice Arena and a storage barn at the Public Works Service Center.  Next year the city will be constructing a brand new salt dome on the south side of Busse Highway at Elm Street.  

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